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I automate business processes. This includes:

  • 1. Storing custom data in Vision
  • 2. Integrating Vision with other applications
  • 3. Automating Vision using stored procedures and workflows
  • 4. Data corrections and transformations
  • 5. Correcting entire implementations
  • 6. Writing custom reports for Deltek Vision
  • 7. Custom infocenters and associated workflows

Things I can help your firm with immediately:

  • Writing custom stored procedures, views, functions (SQL scripts)
  • Custom reports (for Vision 6.1 and later)
  • Modify Vision standard reports (for Vision 6.1 and later)
  • Data automation using custom workflows that drive stored procedures
  • Custom grids in the app that solve reporting needs (like employee performance grids or client revenue grids)
  • Adding custom fields to standard grids!
  • Trouble shooting and resolving data anomolies (without having to upload your entire database to support!)
  • Transactional data corrections
  • Adjust Salaried Job Costing issues

I also can do larger, more involved projects:

  • Operations audit and optimization of business processes
  • Application vetting and implementation (for things besides Deltek Vision)
  • Correction of bad implementations
  • Complete data restructures
  • Data imports, export modules (SSIS)
  • Data cleanup or problem solving across your entire implementation
  • Integrating with other systems in the enterprise
  • Data re-structuring or re-architecting (like re-structuring the chart of accounts and applying it to historical data)
  • Activating or restructuring of labor codes, chart of accounts, invoice history or other deep technical issues requiring expert SQL programming and data analysis
I have extensive experience with:
  • Multicompany
  • Multicurrency
  • Overhead Allocation
  • Revenue Generation
  • Interactive Billing
  • Billing Terms and setup
  • CRM and Project infocenters
  • General Ledger and Project reports
  • Project Planning Reports
  • Custom Reports hosted on Cloud versions of Vision
last updated August 31, 2017
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