Activity Manager error when opening

Yesterday a user was unable to open their activity manager.  When they did they got this error:

Incorrect syntax near the keyword ‘ORDER’.


Call Stack
Deltek.Vision.SysData.SelectBO.GetDataMulti(xml As String) at line number: 82
Deltek.Vision.Ancestors.BaseClass.QueryDataTable(query As String) As VisionDataTable at line number: 575
Deltek.Vision.Ancestors.BaseClass.QueryDataTable(query As String, conn As SqlConnection) As VisionDataTable at line number: 621
System.Data.Common.DbDataAdapter.Fill(dataTable As DataTable) As Int32

Not very helpful right?

I figured it had to be something to do with the initial load of the activity manager since they were unable to open at all.

So I ran a sql trace on a sandbox version of the database and after searching and testing the different statements and tables referenced I finally found the offending table that holds the default filter options for the activity manager.

The default options that were stored for this user had a syntax error in the sql (I have no idea how it got in there) so all I had to do was delete those options then Deltek Vision rebuilt them for that user and the activity manager was able to be opened again.  Easy once you’ve figured out where the offending sql lives.

In any case here is the statement:

delete clientsidesettings 
where (Type = ‘ActivityGrid’ and UserName = ” and Page = ‘ActivityManager.aspx’)

Comments or questions for Loren?

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