Deploying Vision 6.x with fully qualified domain names (or server names)

Here are some tips for installing Vision 6.1 in a 2 server deployment:

0. refer to checklist on pg 27 of the installation guide

1. Install sql server using domain admin account
– use “network service” for operating accounts
– install reporting services native mode

2. add deltekvision to users on sql server
– give dbo role on reportserver and reportservertempdb

2.1 RESTART database/report server

2.5 install hotfix (SP1 or later)
note: if your installation comes with SP2 already the hotfix will not install but this is ok

3. configure the reportserver
page 141 of installation guide

4. assign deltekvision and network service to content manager and adminstrator roles in report manager

5. install Vision

6. install Vision cumulative hotfix (12)


In our case, the authentication was failing with a “401” error.  We could not figure out why and literally spent 2 days on this issue, re-installing Vision 6.1, trying different configurations with the application pools for reportserver and Vision.

In the end we discovered the real error was a 503 error, service unavailable.  This was being caused because the machine name was not resolving on the domain.

browsing to /reports
gives a 503 Service Unavailable error
however, using a cmd window and doing a “ping ” does work…

use the fully qualifed domain in all settings for weblink and reportserver configuration manager so that your URL and access points for report server all look like this:

This finally worked and resolved all the errors.  I also noticed it was much faster as well.

Comments or questions for Loren?

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