Setting up different virtual directories for 6.1

I couldn’t find this documented in the Deltek Knowledgebase or in any of the documentation so here it is….

try these instructions at your own risk.  I am not responsible for any issues that arise out of you following these instructions or any advise I write on this blog. Any actions you take based upon my writings are your responsibility.

To set up virtual directories to point to different databases (limit the choice of database when logging in to Vision) do this:

(Assuming you already have the different databases set up on your sql server)

1. go to your Vision Web tier, go to
programs/Deltek Vision/Deltek Vision Resource Kit

2. click on the “Web/Application Server” tab

3. in the group on the bottom left called “Web Sites/Virtual Directories” type in the name of the new directory in the field “VDir name” (if there is already a value there just over-write it).
example: VisionTest

4. click on the button “Create/Configure Virtual Directories and IIS”

5. open your weblink application

6. on the General tab, select the database you want to have its own directory, then enter the name of the same virtual directory you just set up in the “Virtual Dir (optional)” field

7. click save

8. enter a value for all other databases you have set up as well so that each one is assigned to a virtual directory (you should use “Vision” for your live one, making sure you enter values for virtual directories you have actually created)

now to access those different databases you need to use the links that bypass the initial “click here for vision 6.1” screen

those links will look like this:
for the one in the “Vision” virtual directory:

for the one in the “VisionTest” virtual directory

I have not tested other names.. just this one, and it works.  You’ll have to do a little trial and error on your own to figure out how other virtual directory names work.

Good luck!

Comments or questions for Loren?

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