Dashboard issues when converting from Vision 5.1 to 6.1

If you’ve been reading this blog you know that I recently converted a client from Vision 5.1 to Vision 6.1.

The controller when logging on was getting a bunch of errors from the dashboard.  The error was something like:

Object not set to an instance of an object.

If you do anything with Vision 6.1 and the new .net framework, that error is probably quite familiar to you.

Deltek support’s idea was to delete the user from configuration/security/users and passwords then re-create it.

It’s a great idea if the user is not using any dashboard reports.  However, if that user does have dashboard reports, it will erase them and give the user a clean dashboard… in the case of the controller (and most controllers) this is not a good idea.  It can create problems.

So I ran some tests to see if I could maybe locate the offending reports and simply remove them from the database… I started messing around with the dashboard tables and was getting no where quickly.

As I was testing I logged in as the controller (impersonation not possible, just give the user a different password in your test environment) and tried just clicking the “X” on the offending dashpart.  The way to locate the offending dashpart is easy… it’s the one that doesn’t load… and either still has a “loading” message, or is totally blank.

In any case… click the X and it goes away… and lo and behold, so do the errors!

Once you’ve done that you can merely click on the “Dashboard” button at the top to reload the dashboard and test to see if it worked.  Repeat process until you don’t get errors anymore.

Worried about your user missing those dashparts?  It’s like a lost cell phone.  When you lose a cell phone with all those important numbers in it… the people who are really important will eventually call you and you can store the number.  With a dashboard, if your user is missing a report they use daily… they’ll notice it.  If they can’t create it themselves and put it back, you can help them.  In any case if it’s gone and it’s not important, it won’t matter.

Here is an image for you to meditate on when your day is stressful… I took this with my cell phone at Yosemite last month.  If you have never been to Yosemite National Park… I highly suggest a trip.

Good luck!

Comments or questions for Loren?

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