Custom Reporting with Vision 6.1 – it can be quick

This article is rather technical in nature.

Report writing for Deltek Vision (and every other ERP system) is not for everyone.  It often takes at least two people to really create reports… one business analyst who understands the needs of the report, the business logic and accounting behind it, and one developer who can easily write sql statements, understand the underlying database, and create reports in sql server reporting services.  It is very rare that you’ll find someone with all these skills.

But, if you do happen to have all those skills combined… you can go from this(a scanned sketch from the CEO):

to this (the meat of the first draft of the report, uploaded and ready to use on their servers so that when they wake up in the morning on their continent, they will see it and send back a list of adjustments):

in about 4 to 6 hours.

Something you will need to do when writing reports against the project summary tables in Vision however, is transform the data back to transactional data… or make it look like it came out of a star schema or data warehouse so that sql server reporting services can use it.

You can do this with some well thought out queries or user defined functions, but it does take some planning, thinking, and returning back to the base functions to make sure that you’re pulling the right data in the right way.

This is especially true when working with Vision in a multicurrency environment.

In the above report, the header and footer is cut off and numbers are redacted for obvious reasons…

With this report you can enter profit center, year, or currency and exchange date then refresh without having to go back to the Vision report configuration screen.


Comments or questions for Loren?

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