Custom invoice – professional services title

I’ve been doing a lot of custom invoices in Vision 6.1 lately…

If you want your “professional services” title to say something like:

Professional Services for March 2012

You can do the following:

in custom code put in the following function:

public function pgcMonthName(byVal monthNumber as integer) as String

select case monthNumber
Case 1
return “January”
Case 2
return “February”
Case 3
return “March”
Case 4
return “April”
Case 5
return “May”
Case 6
return “June”
Case 7
return “July”
Case 8
return “August”
Case 9
return “September”
Case 10
return “October”
Case 11
return “November”
Case 12
return “December”

Case Else
return “Month Name Error”

end select

end function


Then in the box where your professional services label appears, append this to the end of it… (you have to locate where it comes out yourself though… or call me for help).

+ ” ” + Code.pgcMonthName(Cint(DatePart(“m”,Fields!InvoiceDate.Value))) + ” ” + datepart(“yyyy”,Fields!InvoiceDate.Value)

Then of course, upload the invoice file to the appropriate location, try it out in your invoice template and voila!

I left out a lot of detail on this one b/c the assumption is that you already know how to customize the rdl file for your custom invoice in Deltek Vision 6.x.

If you don’t and you need help, feel free to get in touch with me.

The invoice report file is a very complex report with over 20 sub reports so even experienced developers will have a hard time with it…

Have a great weekend!

Comments or questions for Loren?

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