When getting questions answered by a professional – do this

Whenever I have a remote meeting with a client, or have a meeting with another consultant or professional I always always do two things:

1. use gotomeeting or something similar

2. record it!

This allows for several things to happen:

1. I have a record of the event, know how long it took (for billing), and have it recorded so I can go back through it if I want.

2. I can refer back to answers to questions that were asked, either by me or of me.

3. I can review examples, requirements etc that were shown on the screen… or how something was done if someone walked me through someting.

4. I can send the recording to anyone I want…

5. If I use a headset with built in microphone, I can type, take notes, tie my shoes etc. all in the meeting.

Here’s to better accountability, transparency, and follow through!!


Comments or questions for Loren?

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