Deltek Vision 7.0 – what are all the rumors?

Note: Deltek 7.0 is the same thing as Deltek First (the SAAS offering)

Please also read the follow up post here:
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Regarding Deltek Vision 7.0

I’ve been hearing lots of rumors regarding Vision 7.0… things like:

– they’re changing to a software as a service model

– the custom reports are all going to be broken and have to be re-written (again!)

– it will be really hard to customize the application with grids, fields, forms etc.

Some of these rumors are NOT true.  I just browsed the release notes, the reporting guide, the technical guide and quick reference cards, and here is my take away:

1. It’s not going to be that big of a deal to own/create custom reports against Vision 7. It’s basically the same as before.

2. Anyone developing custom reports against Vision 7 will need to use BIDS 2008 instead of BIDS 2005.  This is a good thing… although STILL 2 years behind.  I know there is a BIDS 2010.

3. Report builder 2.0 can be used… still behind.  I know there’s at least a version 3.0

4. Any good developer should be able to troubleshoot and repair any broken report within a day or less, depending on the complexity of the report.  Some may only take a few minutes if all they need is to be opened in BIDS 2008 (which converts automatically) then saved again.

Regarding customizing the app
5. They have actually added a new feature which we’ve all been waiting anxiously for… custom infocenters.  This means you can create your own custom functionality within Vision, if you want to track an entirely new entity.  This is great news, and more evidence that they’re not going to take back control of the app in an overly vanilla and standardized SAAS model.  It remains to be seen how “standard” reports will work for these custom infocenters.

Despite the story that they’re changing to a SAAS model, the architecture of Vision has not changed.  It is still basically a website hosted on a webserver, served on the client through Silverlight, and still sits on top of SQL Server.  Thus, there won’t be any drastic changes necessary for existing clients just to upgrade.

I can’t say what’s going to happen with their pricing model… if I was CEO of Deltek, or heading up the Vision division (no pun intended) then I could say something about it… but I’m not.


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