Yosemite National Park – Glacier Point

On the second day here my brother and I hiked the “four mile trail” to Glacier Point from the valley floor and back down again.  If you walk from the lodge to Curry Village then back to the trail head and up again it’s really about 8 miles up… which is what I did.. then we hiked back down again.  Didn’t do Half Dome this year because that’s an all day affair… about 10 hours round trip unless you’re running it (which some people do).

Then yesterday I drove wife and kiddos up to same Glacier Point so they could see it.

Here is the picture of wife and kiddos… with Half Dome in the back.  This is a perfect picture because you can see..
My son who is always on the move
My wife who is always talking (but in a charming way… not annoying)
and my daughter who is always wondering where the party is.

Back to the office on Monday.  Image

This has been a wonderful vacation.

Comments or questions for Loren?

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