NotInMyBackYard Scours Web for Your Personal Data

Here’s an interesting tidbit I came across this morning:
NotInMyBackYard Scours Web for Your Personal Data

This article explains it thus:

A free tool, called NotInMyBackyard Diggity [is] designed to swiftly crawl popular Web sites, including Twitter, Facebook, Microsoft SkyDrive, Dropbox, Pastebin and Google Docs, and locate caches of data that include your sensitive information.

And goes on further to say:

Anyone can type an e-mail address, financial account login, Social Security number or any other sensitive data into NotInMyBackyard. A few minutes later, the tool will divulge whether someone has stored that piece of information on a social network , online storage service, or in a college, hospital or local agency database that has been hacked.

Here’s an interesting idea to consider… if a strange man or woman came up to you and said to you… “hey! give me your social security number and/or bank username and/or TDAmeritrade login and/or …. ” and I will see if anyone out there on the internet is storing it on some database some where for you!

Would you do it? I hope not.
1. Your’re giving them sensitive data, whether or not someone else already has it makes no difference.
2. You’re linking it to your identity (this is operating under the assumption that you create an account in the service for
3. You’re initiating a search on YOU for sensitive data across the internet, and of course this service is going to store all that data in one place… their databases.
4. Let’s also go one more step and say they have a “freemium” offering, meaning you get lots of stuff for free, but pay a small fee, say $5 a month for the premium tools, and you sign up for it.

Well then you’ve just given a stranger your personal data, linked it to your email address, and given them credit card number, security code etc. to boot. Unless these guys are a bank or the DMV, I wouldn’t do it.

Have a great Monday!


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