The problem with "do it yourself"

Was just looking through a bit of traffic reports on my site, and ran into this post from almost exactly 6 years ago. I’m reposting it to remind everyone of the main idea here: Hire a professional to do it.

Loren Saunders

One of the selling points of Deltek Vision is its high degree of configurability, allowing most companies to satisfy their unique requirements by clicking a few check boxes here, entering some cost rates into a table there, or adding a custom field or grid in this or that info center.

Recently I purchased a 4-plex.  It was a beautiful building up in Northern California.  3,200 square feet of historic, 100 year old Victorian red wood converted to 4 apartments.  In one of the downstairs apartments there was a bathroom that was in bad need of a re-model.  Me, being the analytical and engineering minded person that I am, and having had a background in wood work and construction as a child of parents who owned such a business, I figured I could tackle the project myself.
It was a noble notion… I could buy a shower insert at the hardware…

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