Missing Timesheet report for Deltek Vision

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Is there a Missing Timesheet Report?


Is there a report that shows Missing Timesheets?

Resolution:  Yes, there is a Timesheet Status report that can be run by Vision Timesheet Admin’s. Follow the below steps to run this report while logged in as a Vision Timesheet Admin:

1.  Go into Time & Expense.
2.  Click the Employees button on the top toolbar.
3.  On the right-hand side of the dialog select or deselect the Status checkbox for those timesheets you want to see in the report.
4.  Select the Status Report option. You can run this report to show any combination of TimesheetsMissing, Submitted, In Progress, Approved, Posted.

NOTE: this report can only be run for only one Labor Period Ending Date. A report which needs more than one Labor Period Ending Date would be an enhancement request.

I have a solution for you, and it’s this report:

Deltek Vision Missing Timesheet Days Report:

Filter by employee or show all employees
Run report for “days back” from today to show any length of time.

Price: $2,900

Yearly Maintenance: 17%

Version 2 features to be added:

Show time sheets where employees have entered less than standard hours.

This report will work for any Version of Vision 7.4 and later, as well as the new Deltek Professional Services platform coming out next year.


Here’s a screenshot of the report:

missing timesheet days

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