Where are you located?

Austin, TX.

Are you an expert in Deltek Vision? Do you only work in Deltek Vision?  How did you learn this platform?

I am an expert in automating business processes.

Deltek Vision just happens to be the platform I’ve been working with since 2004.  I got involved after vetting 50 different platforms and implementing Vision over a 2 year, phased implementation at FMV Opinions, Inc. in Irvine, CA. Since then I have increased my knowledge of Vision through working on other clients’ implementations doing anything from simple custom reports to restructuring and/or reconfiguring entire implementations and re-engineering related business processes.

This means two important things:

1. I will not sell you on a particular platform or solution.  Instead, I will try to find the best solution that fits your particular needs or circumstance, taking into account, budget, timeline, priorities, mission critical aspects and overall effect on your firm and its operations.

2. While I know a lot about Deltek Vision, how to use it,  configure it and how it “should” work… I don’t know everything.  In fact, with my approach I first assume that I do NOT know the best answer to your problem. This means that in the end, you really will get the best solution because I will have researched it first, we will have discussed and brainstormed and probably tried a few different approaches before settling on the best fit.

How much will it cost?

This depends on the task at hand.  When possible I try to give a fixed price for my services.  This can work for some custom reports written from scratch, as well as some things that can be done with infocenters like stored procedures, workflows or automated custom grids.  However, I can not give fixed prices for the following:

– entire implementations

– rescuing or restructuring data or implementations

For projects where a fixed price is not possible, I charge $150/hour.

Do you write reports for Vision 5.1 in Actuate?

Not anymore.  Sorry.

Are you a Deltek partner?


Will you come on site or work remotely?


Will your work last through an upgrade?

I do all my development so that the results are as robust and flexible as possible.  Most of my work is upgrade proof.

Are you an expert SQL programmer?

Yes.  Very.

Do you understand the basic and advanced accounting concepts like revenue generation, overhead allocation, intercompany billing etc.?

Yes. That is what makes me different from other consultants.  Not only do I understand the functional aspects of Vision and what needs to be changed within your system… I can change it.

Do you have employees?

No. I tried growing into a “real company” a few years ago.  The result was that I got to spend less time doing good work for clients and spend more time worrying about the work my staff was doing.  Since the projects I take on can be done with just me collaborating with client staff, I prefer to keep it that way.  This also means I have lower overhead and less pressure to make up work to keep you paying me every month.  Good news for you!

last updated: 10/16/2016

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