New Partnership for Deltek Vision and Deltek Professional Services consulting

I am excited to announce the official launch of Version X Solutions!

Version X Solutions is a new partnership that brings together a combined 30 years of Deltek Vision knowledge and experience under one umbrella.

We offer a wide and practical range of products and services including custom modules, custom reports, and even a cloud hosting service.

We’ve put together the beginnings of an inventory, and will continue to add to it as we come up with new ideas and do more interesting work for clients. If you have an extension we need, we’d love to hear about it!

Of course we still offer hourly consulting for nebulous or “figure it out as we go” projects.

You can read more about us and our current offering here.

What does this mean for existing customers?

Our new partnership will not adversely affect the existing relationships I have built with you over the years.

You will continue to get the same great friendly, responsive and most importantly, knowledgeable consulting services you have come to rely on from me.

Thank you for your continued business and I look forward to working with you in the near future.

From now on, please refer to the Version X Solutions site for information about products and services offered.




A set of good looking reports for Deltek Vision 7.4 in the cloud; combining Project Infocenter data and Project Planning data on one report

I just delivered a set of reports for a new client in London. They had some interesting and challenging requirements to combine multiple projects and plans data into one report in a multicurrency and multicompany environment.

These are just screen shots of the results, with identifying and confidential data removed:

Project Planned vs. Actual Data with revised plan taking into account JTD cost metrics



Project Portfolio – a collection of master projects with data from all sub projects combined. Each column is the combination of a master project and all its children.


Project Summary – one master project and its sub projects displayed together, with the consolidation of everything in the left most column.


It’s not obvious in these images, but these reports incorporate:
Project data across companies
JTD Actuals data
Planning data

What these reports do not provide:
They do not provide all the data at a “presentation currency”.  While it is possible to do, the client did not ask for it. If needed, it can be provided at a transactional level, and with currency translations happening on the data of the transaction, rather than at a specified date.

While these kinds of reports take a lot of work and can be pricey, they are often used by many different levels of users at the firm and become a main tool for performance and project health measurement across the entire enterprise and project life cycle. In other words, they are well worth the investment.

Have an excellent remainder of your week!