New Partnership for Deltek Vision and Deltek Professional Services consulting

I am excited to announce the official launch of Version X Solutions!

Version X Solutions is a new partnership that brings together a combined 30 years of Deltek Vision knowledge and experience under one umbrella.

We offer a wide and practical range of products and services including custom modules, custom reports, and even a cloud hosting service.

We’ve put together the beginnings of an inventory, and will continue to add to it as we come up with new ideas and do more interesting work for clients. If you have an extension we need, we’d love to hear about it!

Of course we still offer hourly consulting for nebulous or “figure it out as we go” projects.

You can read more about us and our current offering here.

What does this mean for existing customers?

Our new partnership will not adversely affect the existing relationships I have built with you over the years.

You will continue to get the same great friendly, responsive and most importantly, knowledgeable consulting services you have come to rely on from me.

Thank you for your continued business and I look forward to working with you in the near future.

From now on, please refer to the Version X Solutions site for information about products and services offered.




Vision 7.0 and custom Infocenters – Finally!

Good morning, afternoon and thank you for visiting my site!

I have been working on the Deltek Vision platform for about 9 years now.  My first experience was a from scratch phased implementation (read more about what that means here) for a firm in Southern California.

The reason we had decided to purchase and implement Deltek Vision was because of the high degree of configurability and do it yourselfness that they offered. When it came down do it, we were a little disappointed in how limited the configurability was.  We had been under the impression that we could essentially create our own apps within the platform.  That was not the case.

But now it is.

With the release of Deltek Vision 7.0, or Deltek First, you now have something called Custom Infocenters. If you are going to Deltek Insight 2012 in Nasville, I will be talking about this for a few minutes during my session (PS-80 Putting Data in the Right Place) on Wednesday at 4:30 PM.

Even if you are not going to Insight, you can still benefit from this new feature or set of features.

One of the biggest limitations of Vision up to this point was that in order to store custom data… like a list of company vehicles or related equipment for example, you had to put that list somewhere inside of an already established section of Vision… like in Projects, or Employees, or Contacts or something… the problem was that a list of company vehicles really is its own entity, and belongs by itself.  The company vehicle fleet should be managed from within its own section… thus you had to rely on other applications to get the job done, then integrate these apps with Vision.

Now all that has changed… you can actually create your own module within Vision.

In about 30 minutes this morning I did just that.  I created a quick module for managing company vehicles in the Deltek Vision sample database.  The infocenter I created is simple and not well thought out… but it’s a simple idea that is very powerful at its core.  It is with this new tool that companies will finally be able to use Vision as a real ERP.  The ability to actually extend the app platform through the simple use of custom infocenters, coupled with workflows and a database that is completely open for development makes Deltek Vision a platform that can actually start living up to its promises.

I look forward to seeing what comes next!

Here are some screen shots from my brief experimentation this morning:

Here is the main section for the new infocenter I created in about 15 minutes. This is simple, but you can build on it even more using custom tabs, fields, grids etc… and automate the entire thing with workflows.
Note how the fields on this grid link back to other areas of the Vision application that are built in.

(click for larger image)

Here is an example custom grid I created. Note how the fields on this grid link back to other areas of the Vision application that are built in. You can also link custom infocenters to other custom infocenters. Very powerful indeed.

Some pictures from Hong Kong

Over a year ago (from June through December of 2010) I spent a few months in Hong Kong on a project.  While there I upgraded a firm from Vision 5.1 to 6.1, restructured their entire WBS (including legacy data) and trained their accounting department on the new methods of using Vision with a proper work breakdown structure. I also built a custom app in MS Access to make setting up projects and project budgets easier.

However, while there it was not all work.  I did have some time to take some great pictures… since I have now moved my site over to wordpress’ CMS and was going through all my posts, I figured I should put up some pictures of Hong Kong since it’s such a visually impactful city.  So here are some photos for you to browse.